Some things Tattoo artists wish you knew...

Howdy folks!

I got to thinking the other day about some things I wish people knew about what I do...answering emails, scheduling appointments, consulting, creating rough, I decided to make a list of things that I wish clients knew.

Things Tattoo Artists wish you knew....

1. Tattoo Artists are not mind readers. haha Seems kinda funny to think to say that but its kinda true! It's hard to create custom, creative artwork when a client can't really articulate the subject matter they want! When someone comes at a Tattoo Artists or any Artist for that matter with "I think I want a sky with birds, or maybe a pelican...  and then maybe a  feather falling...Im not quite sure, and make it into a full color sleeve like this *shows Pinterest photo of a sleeve that looks NOTHING like what was just described.." *facepalm.

Please have SOME ideas and be flexible with collaboration with your artist haha, it helps to have some subject matter already picked out to get creative with.

2. Walk-In Appointments/Same Week appointments are not always a thing. There are some studios that have Walk-in Artists available! Most artists though are by appointment only. Its a good practice to expect to have to schedule in advance to get work done by the artists of your preference. You see those cool tattoos on you IG and Facebook...Most those artists don't accept walk-in appointments. And most of those artists have their clients "Submit" their tattoo not everyone who inquired gets to get tattooed, or even scheduled... Every artist is different and has their appointments filtered and scheduled differently. 

Artists work really hard to improve their tattooing, and most artists have lives outside the studio! Not being able to fit everyone who wants tattooed in the time they want to is a lot of pressure, and makes artists feel their work is not valuable enough to wait for...its hurtful to feel all that hard work and talent is not valued. 

3. Be prepared to spend some money. Tattoos are a forever thing. Go figure lol.  If you think about it, your paying for something to look good on your body for the remainder of your life.... Researching the right artist is critical! Tattoos are a luxury...some people spend luxury money on cars, purses, shoes, hair extensions...whatever lol. All of those cost money if you want GOOD quality right? Same with tattoos. 

Tattoo artists have overhead just like everyone else...we pay taxes, we pay rent for our workspace, we pay a % to a studio owner in some cases...We pay for our Pigment, needles, tubes ect... and not to mention our skill is worth compensation too. No different than the Dior Couture handbag....that took craftsmanship and skill to create that handbag...that skill and craftsmanship took TIME to grow and perfect. Hence the price of said handbag...

4.Free Unlimited Re-drawing or designing a tattoo is not (usually) real. Most Tattoo Artists will charge a fee for 'Do-overs' in a design. And rightfully so.... making the initial custom design is time consuming, and is usually a duel effort (Client and artist collaboration). Its a waste of BOTH peoples time to keep re creating something...It also projects that maybe the client is unsure of the tattoo entirely.... which usually an artist will not even work on them in fear that no matter what's tattooed the client won't like! 

5. Creating custom art is a Artist and Client collaboration. I CANNOT stress this enough! Artist and client are a team when creating custom art! Having a client dictate a design is NOT a creative collaboration. And the tattoo will most likely turn out like sh** lol. Custom Tattoo Artists are not drive-thru McDonalds to where you can order a Number 5 and substitute the fries with fried pickles... This is a permanent expression of art on someones body defiantly needs to be taken more seriously when creating. 

Research the artist! Talk with others who have also worked with said artist...that will help to determine if you want to work with them in creating your art piece. 

6. Dont be a Know-It-All. Oh man... where do I start lol. one knows it all when it comes to anything let alone tattooing or GETTING tattooed....but...I would say that a person who is in the industry for a number of years would know a thing or two about a thing or two. 

Please Listen to your artist! Listen and communicate with them. Most Tattoo Artists are eager to teach and educate people and would rather you hear the information from THEM as a professional rather than "My friend has a friend who tattoos outta his house". 

7. Good Tattoos TAKE TIME! Tattoo shows are NOT REAL LIFE! And no matter HOW fast you want us to go when tattooing you, we are NOT going to rush our work to 'get that sleeve done in one whole day.' Thats OUR name, and OUR reputation at stake. Its selfish to ask someone to rush their work by putting unrealistic time constraints on completing the tattoo. 

You want the quality work you see on your IG, Facebook and Tattoo shows? Time. It ALL takes time. 

8. Prepare for the tattoo appointment. There is a lot that happens to your body when you get tattooed....Your body is in overdrive, and tattoos hurt lol. Please hold as still as you can while getting tattooed. Hydrate, EAT prior to your appointment, and dress properly! Need I say more lol. 

Artists also need to eat and stay hydrated! Were humans also lol. Our bodies hurt while were tattooing you! Our backs, our knees (From being seated for hours and hours), Our hands and necks. So also please be understanding that artists also have physical limits. 

9. FOLLOW the aftercare instructed by YOUR ARTIST. I get it...everyone knows someone who has a tattoo from one studio or another.... and they suggest THIS and they suggest THAT blah blah blah I know lol. Please follow what YOUR artist suggests. They usually know the best means of healing their own artwork. 

Communicate with your artist prior to your appointment if you have any skin conditions or have had any other reactions to any other tattoos. We also don't know your skin like YOU know your if there's some funky or different things about your skin, please let us know, and we will find a way to make things heal best for for you! 

10. Be Flexible with coverup tattoos. Coverups are not as nice and as pleasant as creating pretty stuff on beautiful un tattooed skin haha. Its not as easy as 'just putting something over top of it.' No...good quality coverups don't usually LOOK like coverups, and that's the point! 

Trust your artist, and please be flexible with your artist when creating your coverup. We ALSO want it to look its best :) 

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