Loyalty counts!

I was thinking of doing a tattoo giveaway! I wanna show appreciation for my clients for being awesome. What I think I'll do is put the names of the clients I currently have scheduled in my book, consultations and all, and draw their names out of a hat, and whoever I pick will get to have a free tattoo to choose from on my website in the "sale" category. I will also be creating a TON more designs too to give more variety. 


  • Well that’s a no brainer!! Let’s get this shit going!!! 👍😁😃👍

    Rachel L
  • Ummmmm yes!!

  • Me me me me. Hopefully be through in the summertime ❤️❤️❤️

    Debra Law
  • That’s an awesome idea! Always thinking of others.

    Christina Di Flauro

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