Feeling the love from a social distance

   Things around us are changing...and it's scary. I just wanted to give a shoutout to the awesome people I get to tattoo. 

When all this went down I wasn't expecting be feel as supported and as appreciated as I do. YOU ALL, my clients have made me feel like Im not suffering alone. (Suffering I mean not tattooing because of the stay-at-home order.) Not working was not only financially difficult, but emotionally and mentally damaging for me....it felt so...empty, unfulfilling and fragile. 

I felt like I didn't have a purpose, I felt out of control...out of control of my job status, my environment, my finances, my future! Ahhh it sucks haha but I understand and support what our government put into place. *I don't wish to start any debates Im simply sharing my feelings and opinions I respect everyone and everyones own opinions and viewpoints and thoughts* Also.... seriously there's only so much of the house that could be cleaned while quarantined haha!! 

Although I did accomplish a lot while quarantined! I hope you all were able to as well.  I got a lot of artwork completed that I didn't have the time to complete, I got housework done, and much needed self reflecting time. 

I am so grateful for ALL the support and love everyone has shown me...wow I am just...so happy. I cant even begin to describe. When I tattoo every one of you, I give you part of myself...its like I'm a million trillion piece puzzle, and each art creation is a piece of that puzzle. I give a part of me in the artwork I create for you to have, for the rest of YOUR life. So to have you turn around and support me back was just freaking awesome! Thank you so much for the commissioned artwork projects. I cant tell you how nice that felt to be able to still create beauty and happiness for YOU while quarantined. I LIVE off of the smiles and joy the art I make evokes in you. 

I cant thank you all enough! I wish I could reach out and hug you all (from a distance of course haha) I truly am so lucky and happy to know you all, and to be able to create art for you. Tattooing and art is my cellular structure haha.

Thank you humans for the opportunity to make pretty things for you, and get to know you during that process.  

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