COVID-19 status

    Been mandated to close until April 30th. SUPER bummed out Im going to really go through withdrawals I survive on art and the connections with my clients, but also I understand why were being shut down temporarily. This is crazy right now. The world is crazy right now...It's kinda scary. I worry about everyone and how people are going to survive not working, we all have bills to pay and kids to feed... It's just madness.

   I wonder how much credit card debt Americans will accumulate during this time, I wonder what will happen when supplies run low and people get desperate to survive. Will it even get to that point? 

   So many questions and uncertainty. It's uncomfortable. It truly does make you feel as a citizen out of control, I understand why we are mostly in fear...

   I think for the most part we as humans are understanding and compassionate. But I think now will be the TRUE test of that. 

   Im nervous honestly how this will affect our local economy....I hope we all can rise out of it and live life as it was. 

    Sigh...Im going to see this as a good thing in a way too, that now I can do all the things I couldn't do before because I didn't have the time. Time for more of my art, time for more of my household projects Ive' been putting off, and of course VIDEO GAMES YAY I haven't played video games in SOOOO LOOONNNGGGG! Now is a good time to CONQUER those levels Ive Been stuck on haha.


-Stay safe. And stay SMART. Be mindful.

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