Come one come all badassery awaits!!!

Excited to share my vision of unique art for unique people in my new little creative space, RaeGunn Arts! 

     Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Raegan Grant and Iv'e been tattooing for 11 years. Its truly my passion, I am incredibly lucky to create unique art for amazing unique people.

    I don't have a specific tattoo style I don't think, I enjoy tattooing all sorts of styles to achieve the look my clients desire. Whatever helps illustrate their story :) Scale of the tattoo work doesn't matter to me either, I don't hate on small tattoos haha I like it all. Theres only a few preferences I enforce; I wont tattoo anyone under 18 years of age; I wont tattoo hands, fingers, necks or faces on anyone who isn't heavily tattooed in the first place. 

    I do enjoy color/black and gray realistic tattoo art and stylized art like watercolor style tattoos or tattoos that mimic an oil painting. I like to make the type of artwork that makes people do a double take and think "Thats fuc*ing cool!"

This is a welcoming and all inclusive little tattoo space. I will not tolerate ANY FORM OF HATE, JUDGEMENT or ANY HARASSMENT of ANY KIND! Trash talking is not tolerated, I know a lot of legit artists in the community that I fully support. (Side note on that...If my art isn't suited for a client, I WILL REFER that client to other artists that I trust. I believe that this is an art community that needs to support other professionals.) 

My goal is to have permanent artwork walking around making other people happy by looking at it, or by talking about it. Connecting with other people with a mutual adoration for beautiful artwork, individualized for the person wearing it. NOW THATS COOL! 

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